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The Collective
At JSA Consulting, we take the idea of partnership very seriously and understand that we have to earn the right to say “We.” Meeting companies where they are, we acknowledge and recognize different needs at different stages in corporate growth.

So, whether you are a start-up looking for a speedy solution or an established business concerned with the impact of growth on internal culture, JSA Consulting offers a comprehensive, ‘blended’ solution from the top down—from strategy and leadership to simple transactions.

With an appreciation of the importance of sensitivity, assimilation and where necessary, seamless integration, JSA Consulting takes the posture of your organization and behaves as an internal department, not an external consultant.

Our Story

The idea behind JSA Consulting started in 2006 when our founder managed a transition process between two multinational corporations, one of which was quoted on a national stock exchange.

Our founder realized that the systems, people, and processes in place for large companies could be leveraged for small to medium-sized businesses as well. What was needed was reliable, scalable back-office outsourcing, and so JSA Consulting was born in 2013.

JSA Consulting is more than just an outsourcing company. Instead of operating at a distance, we form active partnerships with our clients. These strategic relationships are built on trust, and they focus on definitive outcomes rather than mere recommendations. With this collaborative, goal-oriented approach, we are able to mobilize and energize companies of all types and sizes, whether start-ups or enterprise organizations.

Our Vision

Create sustainable solutions and values

To create sustainable values for our stakeholders by partnering to deliver optimal and integrated solutions for internal audit, accounting, finance, procurement and human resources that provide scalability, efficiency and value.

Our Values

Founded on Integrity, Innovation & Inspiration

At JSA Consulting our values guide our actions and how we relate with our customers, stakeholders and communities.
We strive to respect the laws and to take actions based on sound analyses from resources and financial management viewpoint.
  • We exhibit integrity and honesty at all times.
  • We take calculated risks without compromising our values
  • We allow ourselves to be inspired to deliver sustainable solutions and values for our stakeholder.
  • We do the right things in additions to doing things right.
  • Our culture of teamwork generates trust and results.

Jonas A. AYI

Founder & CEO

Jonas is responsible for the

overall operations and results of

the company


Associate Consultant

Forster is an independent HR Consultant / Practitioner of several decades experience in executive search and talent mapping.  Forster is also a member of Consultative Board of the company.

What we do!

We offer a fully customized, integrated platform to assist with most facets of a business back office, including

Internal Audit & Control

Given the sweeping overhaul of corporate financial reporting guidelines stock exchange requirements and the institute of…

Finance & Accounting

We provide transformational value through best practices, process excellence, integrations, automations, benchmarking, and decision support.

Human Resources

Your most valuable assets are your employees. Our outsourced Human Resources solution mitigates your risk of compliance and keeps your employees focused on the …


Keen analysts, expert negotiators, relationship curators, and procurement managers are key roles in any organization’s sourcing of products and services.

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