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From cash reconciliation to capital raises, we handle it all..


Organizations are faced with complex financial decisions and situations requiring expertise beyond the capacity of their internal resources.

Whether you are considering an acquisition or divestiture, or restructuring to position your organization for continued growth, our Financial and Accounting Services professionals deliver the specialized, objective financial advice you need to clearly understand your options, opportunities and exposure.

Accounting Services

We provide transformational value through best practices, process excellence, integrations, automations, benchmarking, and decision support. Your dedicated outsourced JSA Consulting team will not only keep their eyes on your cash, but also understand and report risk and compliance positions that are impacted by business decisions. Services include:

Comprehensive Financial Statement Reporting (Analysis, KPI’s, Board Package)

Month End Close & General Ledger Management

Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable Processing

Cash Management

Tax & Audit Package Preparation

Know where every penny comes from and goes.

Basic accounting practices don’t seem so basic when you have a business to run. Even if you’re managing to keep everything running today, you deserve an expert to help you expand and grow your company’s profitability.

JSA Consulting’s Finance and Accounting services gives you the people, systems, analysis, and reporting that you need in order to better track your business’s expenditures and income. Here are just a few of the ways we can improve the way you manage your company.

Month End Close & General Ledger Management

Know that you can depend on a hard close and board-level reporting monthly, not just annually.

Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable Processing

Accounts Payable & Receivable experts will process all money coming in and going out of your business. You gain the confidence that you are paying the bills at the most favourable terms and actively managing your revenue collections.

Cash Management

A vital part of every business is managing and investing available cash. As your financial partner, JSA Consulting will make sure you have the information to remain stable and solvent.

Comprehensive Financial Statements

Track growth year-over-year with a comprehensive financial statement prepared monthly and annually. Your board will appreciate having timely, consistent, easily explained and audit-ready financials. You can keep one eye on the bottom line while your attentions are elsewhere in your business.


JSA Consulting provides reporting capabilities for any level and any reason. Keep board members and investors up-to-date, provide information to tax or audit accountants, track your key performance indicators, and analyze opportunities for growth and investment.

Tax & Audit Package Preparation & Assistance

Your dedicated JSA Consulting team will work with your tax accountants and auditors to expedite the process and ensure accurate delivery of information.

Strategic & Financial Management

Our Strategic and Financial Management leadership team has built, managed, and turned around accounting departments especially in the oil and gas industry. As successful business operators ourselves, we understand the big picture. We work with our clients to develop and execute strategies that produce results. Services include:

CFO-Level Expertise & Strategy

Comprehensive Financial Analysis (Budgeting, Forecasting, & Pro Forma)

Preparation & Process for Future Monetization Event

Investor/Board Strategy & Communication

Investor Pitch Development

Capital Funding Strategy

Banking Financial Assistance

Get the CFO-level expertise & strategy you need

If you’re wearing multiple hats, serving in several different executive positions just to keep your company moving, your relief is here. Our Client CFOs enable you to get back to what’s really important: focusing and growing your business.

Our Strategic Financial Management team can take the stress of managing your costs and income off of your shoulders. We have scalable solutions for companies of all sizes. Whether you are a start-up in need of financial guidance or a multi-organization conglomerate that has outgrown your current system,

JSA Consulting is here to assist you with your needs. JSA Consulting has the experience, strategy, and scalability you need to make your business grow.

Comprehensive Financial Analysis

You don’t just need to know your financial standing for today. Our comprehensive financial analysis gives you a glimpse into the future, with budgeting, forecasting, and pro forma analysis. You will always have a solid grasp on your growth—where you have been and where you are going.

Preparation & Process for Future Monetization Event

Always be ready for an exit opportunity. Whether it is a recapitalization, acquisition or sale, our clients are better prepared for a future monetization event.

Investor/Board Strategy & Communication

Keeping your investors and board members happy and informed has never been easier. JSA Consulting will help prepare accurate reports and communication so your leaders are always in the loop. We can also work with you to develop new strategies and implement ideas for immediate growth.

Investor Pitch Development

Finding investors for your business isn’t easy, but you have experts on your side. We’ll bring our years of experience to the table so you can present the most comprehensive and successful pitch possible.

Capital Funding Strategy

Obtaining capital funding is a complicated process, but necessary for a growing business to thrive. Our Finance and Accounting leadership team is there to support you navigate this process.

Bank Financing Assistance

JSA Consulting bank financing assistance was created to assist companies in need of financing to fund current operations, expansions, or to restructure existing facilities.

Our relationships with financial institutions are excellent. JSA Consulting team has a close working relationship banks and lending institutions. These are lenders whose lending parameters allow them to step out of the box and lend on opportunities with few or no geographic restrictions.

Business Valuation

Determining the value of someone’s interest in a closely held business can be important for both tax and business reasons. But determining value is not always easy because there is rarely an established market for closely held business interests.

Our business valuation consultants use a comprehensive approach to valuing business interests. We perform an in-depth analysis using relevant market data and apply state-of-art valuation techniques to ensure accurate and defensible business valuation reports.

Business valuation serves many needs

  • Income tax purposes – Certain transactions may require determining the fair market value of stock in a business to accurately assess tax liability, which can help avoid underpayment and overpayment of taxes. Tax related valuations are prepared for a variety of purposes, such as compensation in the form of stock or options, charitable contributions, and purchase price allocation.
  • Litigation support – Lawyers rely on the opinion of our business valuation professionals, as well as their reports, to help substantiate claims and defend positions in situations such as business and marital dissolutions, loss profit cases, insurance claims, and more.
  • Business acquisition, sale or merger – in selling situations a valuation may help set realistic price expectations. If someone is planning to buy a business, a valuation may protect him or her from paying more than a business worth. Conversely, someone trying to sell a business interest will want to ensure a fair selling price.

How we can assist

Understanding your company’s market value is critical to making smart decisions for the future. JSA Consulting team follows a strategic valuation process to determine how much a business is worth and identify potential market opportunities. We conduct comprehensive analysis of your company, perform market research, and develop documentation showing the true financial operating potential of your business. The result of this process is the platform for an evaluation document based on extensive research and analysis of your operations, financials and industry. A valuation platform and a disciplined selling approach can help you deal confidently with prospective buyers and get the right price for your business.

Succession Planning

Just as every business is unique, business owners, too, have an endless variety of needs, objective and hope for the future of their companies. You may be wondering how and when you can step back from the business someday. But, understandably, there may be many questions and concerns keeping you awake at night. Getting a grasp on your business transition needs (and the many alternative strategy available to you) will provide a framework for achieving your goals.

Transition planning begins with analyzing the complexities of your business – including family and employee stakeholder interests, management succession needs, shareholder expectations and potential tax liabilities – to develop a complete picture of your current situation. Where you go next is up to you.

Charting your course

The most critical undertaking as you begin this process is to identify and develop goals and objectives for your business, your family and yourself. This essential element defines, directs and motivates all other components as you move forward in developing the plan and setting it in motion. Take the time and effort to establish these objectives before starting down the path. Simply because some these objectives cannot be fully defined currently is no reason not to continue the process. This is a course that will become more refined as the future converts unknown factors into actual conditions. It is important that the plan has been established and developed as fully as possible, so that over time it can be implemented quickly and alternatives considered where appropriate.

Once your goals and objectives have been identified and delineated in as much detail as practical, the next step is to determine your business and all of its characteristics, attributes and challenges. This phase identifies modifications that can be made to various aspects of the business (management, ownership, tax structure, governance, etc.) to more closely align with and meet your business objectives. Perhaps your personal mission is to retire in great health at 55 years old with financial independence and strong management team in place. And the mission of your company may be to exceed your customers’ expectations and industry norms for profitability while being a good corporate citizen and rewarding your employees. To achieve your personal and business goals, your succession plan and strategic plan must be coordinated and managed around these objectives. This will require careful selection of your successors and others who will carry out your plans as you begin the process of stepping back.

Developing your process

Devise a timeline for the transition processes that will allow your successor to assume leadership gradually. Allow yourself plenty of time to prepare your departure, while making yourself available to lend your professional advice to your successor.

How we can assist

We are an ideal advisor for your transition planning needs. We will utilize the strategies outlined above, as well as others and continue to refine and update our knowledge and processes to fit individual client needs.

Our understanding of family and organizational dynamics helps enable a smooth planning process aimed at optimizing outcomes for stakeholders. This approach also facilitates continued business success and helps maintain strong family relationships. Our primary goal is to help family owned and closely held businesses maximize their success across generations.

Internal Audit & Control

Given the sweeping overhaul of corporate financial reporting guidelines stock exchange requirements and the institute of internal auditor standards, many companies are struggling to find skilled resources.


Keen analysts, expert negotiators, relationship curators, and procurement managers are key roles in any organization’s sourcing of products and services.

Human Resources

Your most valuable assets are your employees. Our outsourced Human Resources solution mitigates your risk of compliance and keeps your employees focused on the success of your business.

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