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Keen analysts, expert negotiators, relationship curators, and procurement managers are key roles in any organization’s sourcing of products and services. From initial market research to category management and procurement transformation, our procurement professionals deliver cost savings and measurable business value in both your direct and indirect procurement operations.

Aggregation vs GPO

While some Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO’s) pass their bulk buying power on to their members in the form of tiered discounts, JSA Consulting believes in cross-platform aggregated savings. GPOs only use group rates at a pre-determined vendor list level. We don’t tier. We aggregate pricing so that all companies get the same pricing. Regardless of the size of your company, you can receive two times, three times, even ten times the volume discount you might already have.

Proven Results

The results we deliver collectively can produce on average of 25% savings across all negotiated spend categories.

Accountability You Need

Our typical procurement process for formal purchasing resources:

  • Apply the “80/20 Rule” of purchasing organizations
  • Set up the right performance metrics
  • Demand cost competitiveness of procurement processes


In response to the needs of our clients, JSA Consulting will develop a solution that turns passive participation in a GPO into an active effort to bring all needed items under contract and control. If you have a company specific need that is not in network, we will use our negotiation experts to negotiate a better contract with you and for you. When we add it to our portfolio and offer the same product to our growing list of clients, we’ll continue to drive pricing down and ROI up.

Sourcing your supplies and cutting your costs

When you need to cut overhead costs, JSA Consulting can provide you with solutions. Through our network of procurement partners, we can help you significantly increase your ROI.

Strategic Sourcing

The supply chain and strategic sourcing options that JSA Consulting Procurement offers for your company begins with an assessment of your current sourcing & procurement strategy, methods, and spending. We augment your strategy by involving ourselves in a systematic and fact‐based approach for optimizing an organization’s supply base and improving the overall value proposition.

Based on this information, we can help you with these procurement process steps:

  • Supplier relationship management
  • Identification of process work flows and improvements
  • Identification and evaluation of other choices for sourcing
  • Identification of e-procurement options
  • Procurement cost reduction
  • Change management to facilitate new process adoption
  • New performance metrics for sourcing and procurement

JSA Consulting Procurement has experience in strategic sourcing and procurement in Ghana. Our capability to evaluate and improve sourcing strategy and performance allows us to provide unparalleled benefits to our clients.

Contract Management

Contract management is the process of systematically and efficiently managing contract creation, execution and analysis, for the purpose of maximizing financial and operational performance and minimizing risk. Our Procurement team will support your contracting process from negotiation of terms and conditions through full execution of the contract. We ensure that the expectations of our clients are well represented in the contracting process and ensure the documentation of, and compliance with, any and all changes/amendments that may arise during the contracting process.

Facilities Management

Facilities management is the coordination of space, infrastructure and organization facilitation. The creation of standards and “bills of materials” for repetitive or de-novo projects is an area where we can bring significant value to our clients. We utilize a collaborative approach with our clients, and measure success by facilitating on-time execution in alignment with your project’s opening, milestones or “go-live” dates.

Internal Audit & Control

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Finance & Accounting

We provide transformational value through best practices, process excellence, integrations, automations, benchmarking, and decision support.

Human Resources

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